Оправдание Острова - Eugene Vodolazkin

Finished: 5/15/2021

Rating: 4*

A "pritcha" about history. Would recommend.

  • It was quite enjoyable to read overall.

  • The chapters about making the movie and life in Paris seemed boring.

  • Maybe a bit too long. Why did they need a chapter about a horse-obsessed leader after a bee-obsessed leader?

  • It seems to mock the entire world history, not just the Russian. But nothing is too precise.

  • It makes one look at the history of the world "from the above".

  • The mystical element (ancient princes, yelling "knife" across the island, people generally hearing things from too far) are... interesting.

  • The mocking of the revolution was hilarious.

  • The narrator is unreliable, is he? For some parts of the story, he's very explicitly unreliable (when there are two tales of the same event), but for the rest? I wonder if the story of the revolution and of the abdication is told honestly. Are the ancient prince and princess really this holy?

  • I just love his style.

  • A lot of kindness and wisdom in there.

  • I loved the "discoveries" of evidence of their ancestry from August.

I will read more of Vodolazkin for sure.

Yuzefovich review: https://meduza.io/feature/2020/11/28/opravdanie-ostrova-vyhodit-novyy-roman-evgeniya-vodolazkina

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