And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie

Finished: 3/28/2021

Rating: 5*

Awesome! Loved it!

Spoilers below.

I was thinking, throughout the book:

  • The Rogers (servants) because I thought the murderer had to arrive early to prepare.

  • Dr Armstrong because it would be convenient for him, and there was nothing written from his point of view.

  • I figured that someone "dead" was not really dead somehow, but couldn't think of how. The only one I thought of was Mrs Rogers.

  • I figured the judge's death was strange: not only he was killed when everyone but him rushed away from the room, but someone also bothered to put a wig and stuff on him - I didn't think it made sense. But it did not occur that he could be conspiring with the doctor.

Next time I read a mystery novel like this, I should do it very slowly, and actually try to solve it myself.

All and all, as good as of a mystery as it gets.

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